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Who doesn't know the fascinating pyramids of fascinating and simply captivating Egypt! For hundreds of years Egypt has captivated the interest of various conquerors, artists, scientists, archaeologists and people. Out of the many spectacular pyramids of EGYPT the most popular are that in GIZA. Here we'll be revealing some exciting facts about the magnificient pieces of architecture relating to their creation, origin, reason of their creation and about the pharoahs and royal families they belonged.

The "great pyramid " as it is known today was built for King Khufu.King Khufu was a fourth dynasty Egyptian King and this tallest man -made structure in the world is his tomb.It is also called as "Khufu's Pyramid". This structure was built in period of 20 years and is now 3,800 years old. Besides, Pharoah Khufu's Tomb there are three small tombs for the wives of the Pharoah.There are small mastaba tombs for the nobles.

The Structure: This great structure is believed to be built by Khufu's Vizier Hemon or Hemiunu.This structure was constructed in 2570 B.C. It's 138.8 m and 455.2 ft (roof) in height. Besides this structure there is a bakery, cemetery and beer factory as well.Other great buildings are also located in Giza.

The Royal Family: The great pyramid is the tomb of Pharoah Khufu while another tomb built in Giza on higher plateau belongs to his son Khafre. King Khafre also built " The Great Sphinx". His son Menkaure built a smaller pyramid at Giza.
The Great Sphinx: The Great Sphinx was built by King Khafre. It has the head of a pharoah and body of a lion symbolising the power of the Pharoah. Some invaders, however, has ruined the nose of the Sphinx. It is still the most exciting structure of giza after the tallest man-made " the great pyramid".

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The material of the Great sphinx of Giza is the limestone bedrock of what geologists call the Muqqatam Formation, which originated fifty million years ago from sediments deposited at the bottom of sea waters.