Thursday, January 24, 2008


In today's world where Women r treated in the right manner the state of beautiful Women, perhaps, remains the same as it was during the earlier centuries. Excuse me, what did I write? Women & Beautiful Women ? Am I differentiating or discriminating? I'm doing neither of the two things. I'm just trying to relate this topic of psychology to the Old & Famous Fairy Tale " Cinderella & Her Glass Slipper". Cinderella lived with her step-mother & two Fat , Ugly Step -Sisters who treated her like dirt. The reason? Cinderella was the most beautiful girl on the face of this Earth & her inner beauty, aristrocratic lineage reflected on her face & Body. Her intellect & intelligence reflected in her eyes, so, she was sure to get the Rich, handsome, gentle & brave Prince of Every girl's dream. This was the reason why her step-mother & step-sisters had taken extra care to suppress her. The story unfolds the reality that is experienced by every Cinderella in her very own professional & personal world where she meets such step-mothers & step-sisters at every "Step". It unfolds the truth that "One women is the Other Women's worst Enemy" & that has been one of the main reason of the miserable state of Women not only in the under-developed countries but also in the Most Developed Countries of the Modern World.

Beautiful Women face the "Cinderella effect" as I call it mostly when they r in the glamourous Professions like acting & modelling. The story of Cinderella doesnot just throw light on this one aspect it also shows the human tendency to demoralize another individual having a Great Capacity to conquer Great Heights. Cinderella is deliberately given the status of a servant so that she automatically starts assuming herself to be one. This attempt is done again to curb her tendency to dream big dreams & her faith in them. This favourite Fairy Tale is not just a bedtime story but a good lesson of psychology which needs attention. If we want the cinderella's to make their way to the Castle.


Wendy said...

Sad, but true. You cannot change human nature. We are all born into different families and only time will tell of our fate. I'd like to think that things balance out though, that the ones born into rich families who seem to have everything they want, may struggle in life to find love, and happiness, and the ones that may not be born with such luck, are blessed with happy fulfilling families. But sometimes there are ones who seem to have perfect lives... maybe we just don't know their secret struggles??

Anonymous said...

Nice article !

sonia said...

I like this article alott!! I like the way you relate cinderalla like every person on earth and spoke out the reality.